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Teda Theis, Contemporary Artist

Acrylic painting and sculptural ceramics are my mediums of choice. Expressionism best describes the type of abstract painting that I produce, while my more representational work leans toward impressionism. Mood and atmospheric techniques convey the personal vision I aspire to convey, which is inspired by nature and its isolated secrets.


Creating art sometimes is an adventure into the unknown. Each of the paintings I create can be described as visual expressions of melody and harmony on each canvas. My ceramic creations tend to take the form of organically textured vessels, specifically vases, bowls, and trays. My ceramic collection also includes ceremonial tea vessels that express a somewhat oriental and medieval influence.

My art training includes many years of formal classes at various Ohio university art programs and continual independent study and workshops. Some works have been juried and curated into several exhibitions in central Ohio and are included in many collections throughout the United States.  I currently am a juried artist at Studios on High Gallery, where I display my most recent works that are available for purchase. To learn more, check out the SOH Gallery page or contact me for more information.

Solo Exhibit: Three-Dimensional Works

August 2019

Open this summer during the month of August, I am hosting a solo exhibit of my recent three-dimensional works at the Studios on High Gallery.  

Over the years, I collected and accumulated various random items that have caught my eye due to their unique look and natural beauty.  This year I have been inspired to work with these items and create what I call my "Sculptural Expression" collection, which is the result of my vision and explorations of how these items complement each other in my artwork.


Certificates of Authenticity:

Interested in a certificate for one of your pieces? I have created a "Certificate of Authenticity" for my artwork to verify that my work is authentic and original. If you have purchased any of my work and would like to receive a certificate of authenticity for your piece, please contact me and I would be more than happy to verify your artwork for you. 

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